LL Creative Studios is where you can find a wide selection of my dot mandala art pieces, including painted stones, home decor, and canvas art.

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Chained Dragon Jewelry provides a diverse range of handmade chainmail jewelry styles specifically designed for milestone anniversaries.


LLCS – Beadworks is where you can find my beaded jewelry, including finished pieces, thread supplies, Miyuki Delica beads, and DIY patterns.



Lorelei Logsdon is an artist, author, editor, and narrator who enjoys small-town life just outside Raleigh, North Carolina. She married her elementary school sweetheart, John, who is a successful comedic scifi/fantasy independant author. They recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

Now retired from corporate life, Lorelei worked in the technical writing industry for almost twenty years.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling to any place that has palm trees–the Turks & Caicos being a favorite destination and where she also has ancestral roots.

Eyes behind the Mask is a psychological thriller, available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook format.

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Looking for an editor? I have two MA degrees in English, and I’ve edited for dozens of bestselling authors .

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Contact me for more information regarding my book narration services. This is a listing of current titles.

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